Whilst there is some merit in having someone who is unfamiliar with your topic edit or proofread your document (such as not getting too bogged down in the content or tendency to offer bias), I believe having someone who has an understanding of your topic or document-type, would provide a better edit/proofread service. The reasons are many, with two of the most important being: Familiarity with document-type will ensure your document conforms to current best practice. For example, having someone…
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 10:58

How to write an essay

Written by Helen Batziris
I have always had a preference in the manner in which I approach writing an essay. The steps I usually take are in this order:
Reports and essays are quite similar in that they both require: plenty of planning and preparation a formal style neat presentation careful proofreading an introduction, main body and conclusion some analytical thinking. However, there are some distinctions between the two: Reports Essays Presents information Presents an argument Is often scanned quickly by the reader to find the pertinent points/information Is read carefully by the reader Uses short, concise paragraphs and sentences. Dot points are used where applicable Ideas are linked…
Saturday, 25 June 2011 13:42

Common pitfalls of report writing

Written by Helen Batziris
Writing reports is generally hard enough, without the worry of pitfalls! However, some of these pitfalls (e.g. plagiarism) can result in serious consequences, so it is therefore worthwhile being aware of these pitfalls. Ensure your report is consistent and that you are not contradicting your findings. Take care to include accurate data, quotes and illustrations Reference ALL sources. Any direct quotes or information obtained from other sources MUST be cited by either footnotes or endnotes, and these must be also…
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