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Common pitfalls of report writing

Written by  Helen Batziris

plagiarismWriting reports is generally hard enough, without the worry of pitfalls! However, some of these pitfalls (e.g. plagiarism) can result in serious consequences, so it is therefore worthwhile being aware of these pitfalls.

  • Ensure your report is consistent and that you are not contradicting your findings.
  • Take care to include accurate data, quotes and illustrations
  • Reference ALL sources. Any direct quotes or information obtained from other sources MUST be cited by either footnotes or endnotes, and these must be also listed within the bibliography. Failure to reference direct information and sources is plagiarism and can lead to legal action ... so beware!
  • Do not include irrelevant or outdated data - such data will add little use to your report.
  • Do not present findings or conclusion that are unsupported by the data within your report.
  • Take care in your presentation, in particular your formatting and language. To ensure a professional look and feel to your report, why not have a professional proofread and/or edit your document?*

*There is a difference between editing and proofreading. For information on these differences, please consult Proofreading service and Copy Editing Service on my website or my blog So what's the difference between editing and proofreading?


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