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Is it better to have a proofreader or editor who is familiar with your topic, or is a 'cold-reader' a better option?

Written by  Helen Batziris

Whilst there is some merit in having someone who is unfamiliar with your topic edit or proofread your document (such as not getting too bogged down in the content or tendency to offer bias), I believe having someone who has an understanding of your topic or document-type, would provide a better edit/proofread service. The reasons are many, with two of the most important being:

  1. Familiarity with document-type will ensure your document conforms to current best practice. For example, having someone who has had experience in preparing a business case or thesis, would encourage more critical input, resulting in a better document (and hopefully have the intended inpact on the end-reader)
  2. An editor with work experience or formal education in certain fields can assist better within these fields than editors without this familiarity. For example, I have formal education in science and health/medical law and as such, am better equipped to edit documents within these fields. An example here is, is my ability to understand scientific/mathematical terms and the correct process for scientific report-writing. Likewise, my legal knowledge and personal expereince in writing legal papers means I am well equipped with the correct legal citation, understanding of the legal system and legal terminology. I have also published numerous journal articles - again, I have a greater understanding of the strict requirements of journals.
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