Proofreading Service

A-Line's proofreading service involves a thorough check of your document for errors such as incorrect spelling, punctuation, typographical errors (for example, extra spaces, duplication of words, captions that do not match illustrations, transposed material) and incorrect grammar. Proofreading is appropriate for writers who are satisfied with the general layout or structure of their document and the writer simply wants a final quality control measure.

The spelling check takes into account your requirements for Australian, American or British English.

Proofreading fee.

Why you cannot rely on a computer spell- and grammar-check function

The most common trap for writers is the reliance on a computer spell-check and grammar-check functions. These checkers only pick up errors within a pre-programmed function. For specialised fields such as science or medicine, lengthy terms or uncommon words are generally not included in the software dictionary. Where words have been correctly spelled but have been used in the wrong context (homophones: words that sound the same but are spelled differently), a computer's check function will not identify the error.  For example:

    I don't know weather my appointment is today or tomorrow.

In this example, the word weather is incorrect; it should in fact be whether.

Similarly, a computer spell-checker may identify different errors, depending on the version of English that has been programmed or set, such as Australian, American or British English. Words where such differences are common include Australian/British words that end in -our, such as labour, colour, favour.  The American English version of these words is labor, color and favor. Other examples include words that end in -ise (Australian/British) versus ize (American), such as recognise versus recognize. There are many other examples where these differences apply.